U08- Religioni in Cina – Religions of China – 中國的宗教

Chinese folk religion

Chinese folk religion (Chinese: 中国 民间 信仰 (simplified spelling) or 中國 民間 信仰 (traditional spelling), zhōng-guó mín-jiān xìn-yǎng), also called Chinese popular religion or Shenism or Shénism (神教, shén-jiào), is the most widespread form of religion in China, and among Chinese people worldwide. It is the religious tradition of the Han Chinese, and involves veneration of forces of nature… Read More ›

Religioni indigene asiatiche

A map showing the followers of the ethnic religions of (East) Asian countries (Chinese Shenism, Japanese Shinto, Korean Sinism [or Muism], Vietnamese Thanism, Laotian Sadsana Phi, Nepalese Kiratism [or Yumaism], and data for Mongolian, Bhutanese and Burmese ethnic religions) by… Read More ›